Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Expectations

Today I witnessed
what can only be described as a teeny tiny miracle.

Three clean bowls in the dish rack.

A while back, probably around October when my dishwasher died and I joined the ranks of handwashers, I started getting a real 'tude about crusty cereal bowls being left in the sink.  I politely asked the kids to please rinse their bowls before depositing them so that I wouldn't have to use a chisel
 to scrape the cement-like cereal bits out of them. 

They chose not to. 
 I began saving their bowls for them. 
It was so awesome. 

"Ethan, darling, I saved your bowl for you since you forgot to rinse it out. 
Only, I have already done the dishes, so now you will need to actually wash it." 
I know.  Cool, huh?

So then I get to thinking: I make the kids clean up their other messes, but for some strange reason, they go through a half dozen plates and bowls and easily 4 cups each every day, and they think they are wonderful if they walk the 10 feet to dump them in the sink.  I decided to give them the opportunity to feel that sense of accomplishment that only comes after a job well done -- by washing them, too. 

It has taken a week of saving bowls for kids to wash after school (usually Ellie, never Adam.  Adam got it the first day), but today it happened.  When I came into the kitchen after the kids had moved on through, there they were, gleaming in their Corelleware-splendor.

Three clean bowls.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they can be taught!

And when your sink isn't full of dirty dishes,
you have room for this chubby little miracle...

And when you have less housework to do, you can get to
all of the pottery that needs glazing...
after you are done nibbling on this delicious little dish.


Jackie said...

I love the moments of silence when you discover something like this, staring in amazement and disbelief. Good job you!

Jackie said...

Actually, as I read this I am looking out the window as Grace parades through the garden in her good socks. Guess it's time to charge her for the socks like I said I would... Yikes. Get ready for drama ;)