Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boo! A Halloween Album

Adam with a beard of wool and Karo syrup glue.
It is that time of year again.
  So busy.  So fun.  So stressful.  

I love Halloween.  My kids are thrilled by homemade costumes and the promise of all the candy their gullets will hold.  There is no disappointment.  I don't even make them ruin their costumes by wearing sweaters (not that they needed them in the balmy 74 degree evening).  They are sugar junkies and I, for one glorious night, am Mother of the Year.  I guess you could say that is my costume.  It will be shed in the coming days as the pumpkins rot and the good candy is all gone.  

Then I will just be mom again.  
Stressbucket-before-Christmas Mom.
If I were in charge if things (not that I really want that job), Thanksgiving would be at the end of the school year (now that is a time to be grateful for!) and Christmas would be in September, after a nice long summer of prep time.  

Alas, the winter cometh.  
Short days with long shadows. 
Heavy grey skies and soggy tennis shoes.
 I guess Halloween is my last hurrah 
before the world strips down to her skivies
and leaves me feeling as cold and drab as wet cement.

What a fright.

Can I book your vacation for you?

Hazel and Tink, from Watership Down and Peter Pan, the books we are currently reading.  I love it that the kids are finding new heros through our homeschool adventures.

Handsome soldier or burly super-hero... how is a girl to choose?

I made this awesome straight jacket (complete with leather straps on the back) and mask for Ethan.  It was good for a whole week of bribery.  And I quote, "I'm sorry son, but if you don't get your chores done,
I will not be able to finish your straight jacket for you."

It warms the cockles of a mother's heart to see her baby boy
decked out as a serial killer.  
* Sigh * weep *, that's my boy!  

I learned one thing this year... 
linoleum carving tools rock for pumpkin carving!

And now for something truly scary...

 That is the "you must hold me now!" cry.

I don't know what this is, but it cracks me up every time I see it.

Candy Corn Soup.  Yes, I put candy in the soup.  I rock, that's why.  
(it is not entirely made of candy corn, but of yams and bacon, but don't tell my kids!)

"So let me get this straight... we go up to the door, 
knock, and then we don't go in?  But I want to go in!  
And you expect me NOT to eat every piece of candy as soon as they hand it to me?  
What's the point here, people?"
~Mind reading quote from Jonah, the one legged lion.

OK kids... time to go Trick or... wait a minute... is that...???

my husband?!?!
Looks like more than one wild animal was on the lose Halloween night.  
Too bad you can't see the back of his shirt.  It reads:

"Grandma Lila's Childcare

Now that's scary.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics of your family... Must have been a blast celebrating Halloween with the family...
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rebekahmott said...

Love the costumes. It is always fun to see what your family will do.