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Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Three Stories of Christmas: Part Three

Sorry I made you wait.

I know, I am done with Christmas, too.  But I told you there was one more story.

Here she blows.

The night before The Great Hamster Escape we headed out to deliver goodies and a few other items to friends.  I had an art order that needed delivering, so we decided we would kill two turtledoves with one fruitcake and drop it off as well.

Upon arrival to the beautiful home of our friends, we found no one home, but oddly, their keys were hanging  in the door.  We felt like we couldn't just leave them hanging there like a big ol' invite to steal Christmas, but while pulling them from the lock to hide them, I heard a click sound.

"You better check to see if it is locked or not."  Guy said.

(This makes the following events his fault, by the way)

I checked the door handle, and the door popped right open.  I pulled the door shut, locked it with the key and then began to look for a good-enough-to-hide-from-criminals but not so-good-they're-lost-forever place to stash the keys when,

(did you see it coming?  Yep, you did...)

The burglar alarm went off.  We bumbled around on the porch for a moment and then decided the go to the van and try calling our friends.  Four calls later, all we had for our efforts were two hysterical girls in the back seat who were begging us to "please drive away before the p'leece come to put us in jay-yol".  I couldn't hide my giggles.

Oh, on a side note: it turns out that not one neighbor even so much as peeped through a curtain in our direction.  Nice, eh?  Ho, ho ho... Merry Christmas.

We figured we had some 's'plainin' to do, Lucy, so we hung around for over 10 minutes for the police to come.  Apparently they were otherwise engaged, because they never did show up.  
It felt weird, but we finally just drove away.

I don't know if it is so much a story as it is a lesson learned.
Leave the breaking and entering to Santa.  He's better at it, 
and committing felonies at Christmas seems to upset the children.

(This was one of those moments that you didn't have to look back on to find funny, and thankfully our friends were as entertained as we were!)

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rebekahmott said...

I to would have been saying drive away drive away I don't want to get caught,I don't know why you did the right thing, but this does let me know why I don't need a alarm for my home, but I have great Neighbors so no worries. LOVE YA