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Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tea Time

My little Tessa-loo turned six  last month, but let's just say that last month was a complete loss.  I will be behind on my laundry till July, no question.  I may as well wash it all and shove it into bags for the donation truck, because by the time I get it all done the kids will have outgrown the lot.

 Anyhoo, Tessa was promised a party, and since my middle name is Better-late-than-never, we Belated the heck outta her party.  Hubby was a real man, and didn't mind shopping for pink streamers and tulip muffin cups.  We had three hours to prepare, and somehow we pulled off a killer tea party.  The Queen herself couldn't have ordered up a swankier affair!

 Most of the guests had arrived, but bestie Sophie was no where to be seen.  
I found Tessa keeping watch...

 sure that she couldn't have fun without her best friend.

But she somehow managed.  We played Toss Across and 
Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. 

And we made fabulous hats, dahhh-ling!

After some etiquette lessons all of the little ladies and gentlemen
sat more politely than 10 children ever before them.

I loved each of their gorgeous creations.
Lauren, Tessa, Shophie (she made it!), Kaylie and Ellie

 And, I have to say, in all false humility, I have put a fab new spin on a pinata.  Single balloons filled with confetti and a few toys and candies.  Each child chose one to pop with a pin.  Each time was a surprise, and we avoided the crotch-seeking sticks and the concussion-causing dog-piles of children diving in at once to retrieve prizes.  The balloons didn't always pop on the first try, so when one eventually did, it was followed by squeals of surprise and a shower of confetti.
(Instructions below)

 Such a pretty girl, and getting so big.  Sigh.

I do believe we fancied ourselves till we were quite fancied out.
It was a ball.  
Fun had by all.

Especially Tess, and that's what matters most.

Sooo, if you found this from a link on Pinterest, first, THANK YOU for dropping by!  Second, don't be mad at me if you struggle to get this to work.  I made my boys do the grunt work, and while they said it was hard, I didn't believe them because they say that about EVERYTHING!  Now that I have heard a few complaints on Pinterest, Anyway, here goes!!!

Find the stretchiest balloons you can.  Nice big ones with long necks, not the cheap water balloon type.  The good ones are a little thicker feeling and can blow up incredibly large.

The confetti goes in most easily if you use a funnel.  In fact, a funnel with a bigger spout can be great for candies like Tootsie Rolls (mini's) and rolls of Smarties.  I think we also put in individually wrapped candies like the Brach's assorted ones you can buy in bulk bins.

For toys, we chose things like little plastic snakes and cheap necklaces.  I think we also found those itty bitty cars to shove in.  If it doesn't fit through the funnel, it was a matter of  having one person put two thumbs into the opening of the balloon, pulling hard out to the sides, and then having another person shove the toy or candy through the opening.  Trust me when I say each kid got just a few of each things.

And for those of you who think I am a dreadful mother for allowing my children to wield strait pins in the air all willy-nilly, all I can say is, make sure you find a balloon large enough to put your kid in.  They are gonna need a bubble to live in, just don't get too close with that helicopter!


Bryndi said...

how did you fill the balloons, i want to do this for my sons birthday but i cant egt anything in the balloons. Can you please email me,

lk74 said...

I was wondering about how to fill the balloons also...I love the idea!

lk74 said...

I was wondering about filling the balloons the idea!