Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jonah Jabber 2 .5

What happens when a toddler meets hand soap!

It's my favorite phase! 
Language acquisition.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear how miniature humans take a few consonants and vowels and turn them into hours of entertainment for the rest of us! 
I have made it my quest in life to capture the subtleties of each of my children's jabber.
My spellcheck is overwhelmed, but since I haven't kept up with a baby book in 8 years, let's call it Family History!
Here is "The Best Of Jonah 2.5" (two and a half)...
Helpee! - Help me!
Ah chump? - Can I jump (on the Trampoline)?  
Typer fah yoff! Fits it! - My diaper is falling off!  Fix it!
Tyute! - cute! (he called me tyute tonight!  The feeling is mutual)
 Whuh-hu-heck? - What the heck?
(uttered for the very first time to his Lego dudes just moments ago)
  Ah tuck! - I'm stuck!
 Uh-oh! I pee my pant! (because we only put him in one leg of his pants)
Ah-shum! -  Awesome!
 Ah pine! - I'm fine! 
 (very diplomatically uttered, as though he is doing you a favor.  In other words, "No thank you, I don't plan to have my poopy diaper changed, but thanks for asking".)
Ah mei'yat! - One minute
 (with index finger held aloft in your face.  This one was funniest when I was weaning him and would say, "Ok, you're done" and he would hold up that one finger and hum "mmm mm-mmm" ("one minute!").
Ah shick - I'm sick
 (a multi-purpose excuse for getting out of things like picking up toys,
getting in his car seat and getting a diadee change).
Nah Fuyeee!- Not Funny! (used often when we laugh at him
 for any of the above mentioned statements)
No NOT! - No I am (it is, he/she is) not!
Exposure to the forces of Evil (big brothers):
Pyre-man - Spiderman

Bah-man - any super-hero
Bah dye - bad guy
You fahyet? - You farted?
Doh'way! - Go away!
 (with the "talk to the hand" gesture in full 'tude)

Shoot dun - shoot a gun
 Not Tupit! - Not stupid! 
 (scolding the person who used the forbidden "S" word)
 Sweet Nothings and funnies:

Deh-tuu - Thank you
 Ah ya you (doo) - I love you (too)
 Nuggoh Nursie- Snuggle Nursie
 (now that we have weaned, there ain't nothin'
like a soft boobie-pillow to lay a little head on!)

Now, after this helpful tutorial, see if you can translate the following:
Nishon pinish.  No mowah.

(This one's finished.  There's no more.)