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Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lots of Luck

"What mine say, Mama?" Jonah asked. 
Somehow he has begun speaking so well all of a sudden.  He was holding out his fortune to me.

"It says, 'Jonah is a sweet boy'." I said, not even able to see the tiny paper in the dark car.  We had read the real one to him twice already, but he liked the new fortune better.  Ethan corrected me, but Jonah argued, "No, Eee-fan!  Say Jonah a fweet boy!"

I held my own fortune in my hand.  I haven't held much stock in fortune cookies since February of 2003 when, at 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant I opened one that confidently informed me "Your deepest wish will come true tonight".  Yeah, that would have been a great story to tell Ellie later in life.  Unfortunately, she wasn't born for 3 more days.  Note: If YOU don't know when labor will ensue, I promise that a nice non-English speaker in China doesn't know either.

My new fortune teased, "You will have good luck, and overcome many hardships."  I smiled when I opened it, and showed Guy.  While I don't believe in luck, I am not beyond a little International encouragement, especially when it comes to overcoming hardships.

I am in a holding pattern right now, waiting for someone to tell me what they are planning to do with me.  I still don't know when or where they plan to let me deliver this baby, though the "39 week" mark is now just 2 1/2 weeks away.  I did learn today that faithful-and-true Dr. F. will do both my filter removal and my stent placement on the same day (hurray!) when the baby is two weeks old.  It is the only plan I have to rely on for the moment.

And there has been one other morsel of good news.  My sweet friend Ruth went to see her midwife on Wednesday, the same midwife I have been in deliberations with about birthing at the hospital at which I feel most comfortable.  Apparently, she had arrived at work on Tuesday, the day after we went in to have my leg checked, to hear reports from several nurses that "Laine was here last night!", all with positive things to say about me.  I don't even know which nurses they were, the ones I worked with when I stayed 4 days back in February, or the nurses from my Monday visit.  Either way, Deborah came away with many kind comments and hopefully in some way it will help to influence the decision to allow me to birth there.

We now wait for an appointment Tuesday with Dr. M. to check on baby's brain for hopefully the last time.  Following that appointment we will be taking Tessa for an ultrasound to check on the mystery growth that was found in her gal bladder back in January.  I am trying not to worry about her.
I guess what some people call "Luck", I call blessings.
So wish us "Luck".

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