Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Monday, November 2, 2015


It is hard to believe how dependent I've become on my computer.  It has been out of commission for about 4 months, and I pretty much froze my life at that point on this blog, my etsy shop, email, and anything photo related.  It's been crippling!  My life has malfunctioned!

I finally got around to getting it fixed this week (it's a school computer, so there is a whole process that involves me having to figure out the whole process, which is what I blame 5/6ths of my procrastination on), and now that it's all better I find I have utterly forgotten how to use the darn thing!  You'd think it's like riding a bike, but trust me, if you don't ride a bike for, say, 20 years or so and then think you can just teach your son how to pop a wheelie like you did back in the old days, well, let's just say 3 cracked ribs, a tweaked shoulder and 4 months of physical therapy will tell you otherwise!

But I'm finding my way around.  I miss auto correct, though.  The phone does have it's perks.

So we missed a few things.  Like pretty much all of summer.  And though it is highly unlikely I will get caught up, no matter how fabulous my intentions, we are going to do some time travel, right now!  Starting with......

Vacation!!!!!  Back in, like, I don't know, June or something.  Main points: Dana Point in So Cal.  Guy's folks loaned us use of their time share.  Ahhhhhhhhhh....

Day 1
How many Hol-people (that's Holmans and Hol-womans) can you fit on a sofa?
Seven, when mom's done taking the picture.  #8, Ethan, didn't come on this trip with us.  It was our first family trip without the Hol-group.  He takes up a whole wing of the sofa anyway,
 so, still seven.

We got there on a Sunday, went to church, and then hung out together that day.  Just bonding, baby.

Day 2
Monday, Monday!
First day to play!  

Sometimes ya' gotta bring your own palm trees.

I swear, she's graceful without even trying to be.

"Look at my cute face and try not to smile back!  I dare ya'!"
You're smiling, aren't you?  I know.  Me too.

Yes, that is still red hair.  Mama loves it.  We had to dig deep in the gene pool to make that little dolly.

I found my bliss stacking rocks.

There was a weird ocean event that caused a bloom of the sea plants that feed these little guys, and they were washing up on the shore by the tens of thousands,  Natalie was NOT impressed.  At one point she found herself trapped in the middle of a circle of them and just bellowed!

The seagulls will be fat this winter!

Love rocks.  
No, not LOVE rocks.  Love ROCKS!

Little Miss Puny Pants

Shut up.  I like stacking rocks.  So sue me.  
(Just don't knock over my rocks).

Vacations allow for more moments like these.  

Day 3... Knott's Berry Farm
Nano was trying to act all aloof.  She didn't want Snoopy to get a big head (too late.).

The train!  The train!  (you're supposed to read that with the voice from that little guy from Fantasy Island.  Yes, I'm that old.)

Up, up and away!

Hitchhiker's Guide to Knott's Berry Farm.

The kids are doing their famous Popeye impressions (one eye shut).


Sometimes ya' just gotta show off your muscles for no apparent reason (actually, the reason is that sometimes the only way I can get him to look at the camera is if I ask him to show me his super powers).

Day... um...
 I don't know.  Does it really matter?
Yoga baby.  We call this Downward Dog and Puppy.

All tuckered out and chillin' with bro.

Maybe my favorite day on the trip.  Adam was so sweet to The Littles  (Yes, I panicked a little that they weren't wearing helmets, but Adam took it at a very slow coast).

Jonah was in heaven.

So, the best moment on the best day...  We rented this surrey and tootled around the beach till we realized there wasn't very far you could go that was paved.  But then we found a road that went by the wash, and it was on a hill.  Adam pushed from behind and we got to going really fast, like easily 4 or 5 miles an hour!  I know, not so fast, until you are all screaming through the tunnel at the bottom!  We laughed so hard, and the kids just kept begging "Again! Again!"  I think the seagulls in the wash were annoyed.

All together now... "aaaaaawwwww!"

Nappin' on da' mama.

Melts a mama's heart.

This little guy is so interesting.  He is very multi-dimensional.  He is rough and tumble, yet thoughtful and sweet.  All slugs-and-snails, but still a love bug.

Shell hunt.

"Vacation's almost over and I haven't written a thing in my journal!  Grrrr!!!!"
I know how you feel, son!

Yes, Jonah slept in the closet.  He loved it.  He called it his "vewy own woom!"

One last fake smile for the camera everyone!!!  Cheeeeeeeeese!

Our family goal for the past few months has been "Making Memories".  It's kind'a hard for me to hold on to my memories.  Not sure why.  But photos sure help me remember all the moments behind the scenes.  

Up next time on our Travel Back in Time...
4th of July!  (maybe by Christmas I'll get caught up to Halloween)

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