Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas Photo Album

Merry Christmas everyone!
It's been a busy Holiday Season. Every year when December comes I sort-of shut down. With every additional entry on the calender, I panic a little more. How will we get it all done? Field trips, homework, concerts, lessons to prepare, gifts to buy, cards to send (not. You'll get it in January, my friends), goodies to make. Here is a glimpse at our month...
Ethan and Adam had huge projects due on the same day...
Wayne Theibaud, artist project

Washoe Indian Tribe Diorama

At our church party, we sought the "True Spirit of Christmas" by creating almost 100 wooden toys, six baby quilts, and collected gently used toys for the church humanitarian aid project. I was nervous my first time in charge of this large event, not being sure how well the activity would be received (the folks were used to an annual sit-down dinner), but everyone had a great time.

Ethan performed in the Christmas Band

The girls helped Santa gather the toys we had made and collected

Then off in a rainstorm to find a tree.

Adam was made a Webelo in Cub Scouts. Mama got a pin to add to my collection.

Ethan, the youngest member (by about 50 years) of the Sacramento Veterans Band, played at a nursing home. These gents love having Ethan in their midst, and he loves playing with them.

Making goodie-bags for friends... mmm, fudge!
And of course, gingerbread houses...

Every Christmas Eve, Guy puts out a spread fit for a king...

Including eclairs and cannolis

Then he reads to us from our favorite Christmas books and the bible. We read about the birth of Jesus Christ, and why it was so important.

Then all tucked in bed, with sugarplums dancing, we wait for a visit from Saint Nick.
Are those footprints of soot by the hearth? Good thing we put down a towel so Santa didn't ruin mama's rug!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all, goodnight!
It was a busy Season, and as the dust settles I inventory the month. Amid the stressful moments there were so many sweet ones. I am grateful for this time of year that calls us to remember our blessings and show kindness to friends and strangers. I love sitting up late at night when the house is quiet and looking at the lights, and kissing the heads of my little ones as they sleep in their beds. I adore watching my husband care for our family and show my children such a wonderful example of fatherhood. I love the Savior and am grateful for his life, and that we can celebrate it with those we love.

I pray that your holiday was a tender and special one. May the coming year bring the blessings that we all pray for. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to contact you privately but I cannot find the contact me page.. I probably need glasses LOL .. My daughter was searching for Washoe tribe diorama and she stumbled on your site and she's asking if she can contact you and your son to get some pointers for her own version of the diorama. Although I think we can make it happen I have no idea where we can get the miniature people... Is there a store that we can order it? I hope we can get some answers soon.. thank you!! oh and I love love your blog! lol after looking at the diorama i am still reading your old posts..

Laine said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for coming to my blog. Hope you read this! We got the figures in the TOOBS that they sell at Michaels... about $4 with a coupon. The snow is laundry soap stuck on with glue. The water was painted and then layered with clear glue for the liquid effect. The squirrel cloak is made of feathers ripped up really small and glued to the figure. Hope this helps! Contact us if you have more questions at!!!