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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Painting...

About 6 hours into painting yesterday, I got to take a break to go to a church activity. My painting waited patiently for my return.
My work space in full mess mode.

The orange color is a masking medium called Miskit, that allows me to block out the portion of the image I don't want to paint, in order to do a very fast moving wash. I usually just paint around things (I am generally a purist) but given time constraints, I chose to mask out the temple to drop in the sky.

Wet wash

Lifting out pigment to create clouds

Time to remove the Miskit. It is a liquid latex which dries to a rubbery layer that I learned last night can be very painful to remove from tiny hairs when you accidentally spill it down your arm.

Sadly, the Miskit removed a layer of paint, so what time I saved in masking out the temple to lay in the sky was lost while I repainted foliage. Lesson learned: only use masking medium on areas not yet painted.
Stayed up till 1 am. Started again today at 10:30 am and have painted all day accept for the carpool break. Dearest Stephanie came to babysit me (help me to stay focused while I painted). I often get frustrated with a section of a painting and in the process of taking a break, find myself swallowed up by ever-present housework. Thank you Stephanie!
A lot has happened on the painting since this installment, but I will post those images after it is done. I estimate there to be about 3 hours left.
I am pooped.

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Jackie said...

I loved seeing you painting in process. I wish I could stop in and and keep you focused too! So interesting. I wish my mom could have kept painting when we were growing up. I think it would have helped her feel happier. I guess she did amazing sewing for us during that time, but she really missed out on her painting.
You painting looks amAZing! Love it!