Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Gifts

I love to make a big, hairy deal out of birthdays. This weeks was Guy's.

I messed up.

Due to lack of planning on my part, and low funds due to a waylaid check, I had nothing to give to him as a gift. To make matters worse, I had placenta-brain on the day I was planning the big church activity and forgot to schedule the building. Had I done so, I would have known well in advance that a wedding was planned for the same day. By the time I caught on, the only date we were left with to have the activity was... yup... Guy's birthday.
He swore it would be fine with him.

He also teased me mercilessly the entire day.

I thought I would make Guy an nice breakfast, but Joanna invited us to their house for waffles, and I knew that nothing I could make would be as good as her waffle-extravaganza with fresh strawberries, bananas, cream, chocolate chips and the best bacon ever.
Who could resist? Not us.
(Thank you, Joanna!)
We made a homemade card with the kids spelling out the special message,
"We love you, Dad!"
(here are my favorite letters)

I am afraid there was no time to do something special as a family that day. We hurriedly cleaned the garage (ok, not cleaned, but we moved the junk around until it looked a little organized) and then loaded the van to set up at the church.

Our activity was a rummage drive for the church thrift store, which provides jobs and donations to those in need. The bonus was, we let everyone take home a few "treasures" that they found.

I told Guy to go pick out a present.

He found the Star Trek movies in VHS. The perfect gift.

(Waffle makers in action (but not making waffles... they do other stuff too), William and Joanna)

At the end of the night as we loaded the donation truck, I found myself putting my own son's shirts into a box. I could see him in my mind's eye wearing them to death, his old favorites, now too small. I got almost weepy as I saw the things, simple little things that held such memories for me. It was hard to close the box.
At home that night, we gave Guy his card and sang to him. Then, in turn, we each told him what is special to us about having him in our lives. Tessa stood in front of him and listed all of the simple things she loves about her daddy with such sincerity and love we were all smiling ear to ear. We gave him all we had; hugs, heartfelt love and appreciation.
I saw him dry his eyes as I wiped the tears from my cheeks.
I appreciate this man so much. He is the father of all of our children, those that are with us and those that are not. He works so hard and is so honest and good. He is kind and tender and generous, and asks nothing for himself.
We are the ones gifted.
That night as we lay in bed, the baby in my belly began to move, and hopefully, I took Guy's hand and placed it on the spot. The baby kicked against his hand and he felt his child move for the first time.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie.


Leach Family said...

(wiping my tears) Dang I'm a sap. Did you forget the Strawberry Cheese Cake or was that a flop? I hope it was the 1st. If not, I owe you big. I have more clothing for your little miss! Might swing by in 30-45 minutes. I hope your home! Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

I can't imagine a more beautiful or perfect birthday gift than feeling the baby kicking! Or all the love from the older kids. So sweet.