Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do not adjust the color on your screen

No, you are not seeing diapers through rose colored glasses.  This is what happens when the man you adore uses a RED birthday party napkin as a diaper wipe at a party when you forget the diaper bag, and then accidentally leaves said RED napkin in the diaper when he puts the batch into the wash.

The boys say I can't use them on Jonah.

 It would be adorable if he were a she.  And while I am not big into the whole real-men-don't-wear-pink mindset, it challenges my traditional gender-color concepts to plunk my son's booty into a dipe the color of bubblegum sherbet.  I have to admit that I laughed when I saw the first diaper, but seeing all of my lovely hemp diapers (yes, I said hemp.  This is California, deal with it.) a nice  My Pretty Pony Pink, well, I sorta wanted to cry there for a sec.

  I risked destroying their absorbency by bleaching them - twice, a big no-no in the cloth diapering world.  There are whole websites devoted to the care of cloth diapers.  It is more than a choice for your babe's tiny tushie, it is a whole way of life.  You don't wanna mess with these people.  They are like the mafia.  Well, not much, but they have their own language; AIO, PUL, wrap vs. wool, micro-fiber inserts, and don't even get me started with the Elimination Communication Gurus.  They are Sensei Masters of the cloth diaper world.  Think Black Belt.  So you see, it is important how you treat your very expensive cloth diapers.  These things are meant to last for 3 years for each child, maybe for several children in a row. 

They are still pink.  A sweet rose petal pink.

And then there was tonight
Ethan asked if he could make dinner.  We said sure.

He wouldn't let us into the kitchen for an hour.
Then we came in to a completely set table, cloth napkins draped over the bowls, and strict instructions not to look under the shrouds until the prayer was said.

Yup.  That's lime green mac'n'cheese. 
Only this Kodachrome delight was on purpose. 
Did I mention he is 13?
Good times,
good times.

I can't say for certain if there is any sort of lesson to be learned here.  But, hey, I have a husband that changes diapers AND does the wash, and I have a 13 year old son who can pull off a home cooked meal with a side of corn bread.  

Bet you're green with envy.


julean said...

Ha! This is great. They are pinker than I imagined. I did wonder why you couldn't just bleach I know. That really is funny. But really I think you've got it right to appreciate a diaper-changing, laundry-washing husband. He's a keeper. Jonah will be out of those pink diapies in no time.

Tell Ethan I love his green mac & cheese! He's so helpful and fun, too! Looks like he's really paying attention to what his dad is teaching him.

Loved talking last night! Love you all.

Jackie said...

They are beautiful!! I'm wondering if you washed them again with a different colored napkin.... Maybe a brown one for a lovely shade of rosey brown or something. Or you being the artist could come up with a perfect solution. You just need to go look at a party store and pick a new napkin or two to try. Hey, you could start a new trend. "3 pink napkins plus one blue napkin equals a lovely lavendar load of laundry." Move over Rit dye. We have it in hand.

By the way, I love your lovely blog! It's a favorite of mine because you're a favortite too! Miss you!

Rebekah said...

Love this. I was thinking you could sell all those pink ones or trade them with a girl mom. I am not sure how that part of the world works, but they are excepting right so I think Jonah will be fine in pink ones for awhile. LOL. Ethan that was super cool. My boys would love that suprise.