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Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Beautiful pix by Annmarie Hall

One a day.

Its all part of my diabolical plan to rule the universe (muah-ha-ha-ha!).  Actually, its just part of my plan to stop letting the universe, and large quantities of laundry, rule me.

It is clear to me that my current lifestyle precludes me from making large, elaborate, multi-faceted plans.  Today, in fact, it precluded me from using the toilet uninterrupted.  On one of my trips, I even had the baby in the back-pack.  I am talented like that.  I can piddle AND tend a child simultaneously.  I felt at one with all of the mothers all over the world who have ever had to scurry out of a corn field or rice paddy, babe attached, to score a potty break on the shady side of a tree.  Only with toilet paper.  And no tree.

But I digress.  Which, truth be told, is a huge part of the problem.  Side tracks, digressions, distractions...  I blame it on my kids, but I am as scatter-brained with them gone as I am with them here.  Thus, in my New Years resolutin' I have decided that if I am to ever achieve any of the lofty goals that have eluded me in the past, they are going to have to be way more simple, and worked on in phases.  Like in construction, only with no money and much shorter lunch breaks.

So here is my "One a Day" list.  I need only do the things on this list in single servings, mere minutes in duration.  And frankly, if I can't manage that, I should have my all my meals interrupted by small humans asking for help fishing all the microscopic bits of mushrooms out of their spaghetti.  Oh wait, I do.

One a Day

One morning prayer

One verse of scripture

One dance to one song with weights on ankles

One fruit per meal

One veggie per meal

One full glass of water per meal

One story for Tessa while kids are at school

One vitamin

One call from my "must call" list

One page from a book

One effort at an art/sewing/writing project

One page of emails cleared

One song for the girls

One evening prayer

I know there are many more things that I could list.  Its a work in progress, just like me.  Housework makes no appearance here because I seem to have no problem doing plenty of laundry and dishes, to the exclusion of all else.  Its more the things I could do for me and my kids that get swept out the door with all that dirt, that I need to focus on.  And I am not asking for the big things like whole chapters to be read, but if I linger longer, -sing an extra song, read a few more verses, maybe eat another helping of something green - well all the better.  Its always the starting that's hard, after all.

Oh, and there is one more One.

One trip to the bathroom a day... 



ruth said...

Ha! That backpack has seen many a trip to the bathroom!! Good luck with going alone!!

Stephanie said...

Fabulous post! Sounds like balance to me! :0)

Stacy Lynch said...

I love reading your posts, it gives me inspiration to make it through my day or even my week.
Love you.

julean said...
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julean said...

I thought you were going to say that you would do just one load of laundry a day. This was a very funny post and you list is great.

smreinsch said...

Great Plan - think I will copy it with the proper modification of course.

Jen said...

I love this! Such satisfying, smart, and realistic goals!

CJ said...

I love this list, especially the last addition. Cynthia