Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ninja Tea Party that never was

Tessa was pestering Jonah
at our tea party yesterday.  Daddy told her to stop,
but like any good tea party hostess,
she persisted in annoying her guest.  Finally, daddy got firm. 

"Tessa!  I know you heard me.  Leave Jonah alone."

To which she replied with a whole lot'ta 'tude,
"I heeyerd.  It's not like I'm ear blind!"

But oh, Dah'ling, theyas mowah...
We had been seated with care. 
 "You know how you and daddy love da'chudder very much? 
You two get to sit togedder."
We were of course, dressed for the occasion.  Ellie in her Kimono over the top of the mummy costume, Tessa as Miss Tinkerbell, and Jonah as a Magician.  Daddy and I sported hats.  We nibbled dry cereal, crackers and cookies, itty-bits of fried cheese and quesadilla.

You see, thanks to miss-voice-that-could-curdle-milk Strawberry Shortcake, we were having a "Manners Tea Party", which means that while we drank tiny puddles of herb tea out of  nostril sized tea cups, Tessa kindly let us know all the ways we were "not being manners".  Mouth overflowing with cookie and cereal bits, she asked me if I liked the tea party.  "Mmm-hmmm" I hummed affirmatively. 

 "It's not mannohs to talk wiff youwah mouff full, Mama." 
She reminded me between mushy chews.

Later Ethan took issue with the fact that he had not been invited, making it clear that he would not have come, even if he had been invited, since, according to him, we had clearly chosen to have a girly 'ol tea party with the express intent of excluding him.  All off this was leading up to his grand finale; he wanted to watch a movie without the girls (let me summarize: tea party + girls - boys = movie + boys - girls). 
 It was an exhausting and mystifying loop of 13 year old logic.

Other highlights of the day included:

Family dish washing (otherwise known as  "Squabble-fest")
Playing Scribblish.  For a few brief moments in time, everyone got along together.
One Hit Ninja, in costume.  I won against it's creator, Ethan.  Yesssss.
Everyone asleep by 9:30

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Stephanie said...

That picture of Jonah is hilarious/adorable! Laughed my head off!