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Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tahoe for Two (plus one)

I was never any good at math, (1+1=3, right?) so when I have a wee one in arms, a romantic get away becomes a romantic take along, as in take along: diapers, snacks, wipes, barf bag, stroller, sunblock (oh, crap, forgot the sunblock), toys... Yes, I think that is everything.  Is that everything?  I feel like I forgot something.  Oh, yeah!


I took my honey (and baby) to Tahoe for the weekend. 
It was his Father's Day gift.
I totally rock.  No, I do, seriously. 
What kind of wife plans a romantic get away for her hubby
and gets an awesome suite with a jacuzzi and a view? 
A rockin' wife, that's what kind. 

Now, I can't tell you everything we did, because, well, as my mother used to say "You gotta keep a little mystery".  But what I can tell you about was awesome (not that the other stuff wasn't awesome, too.  It totally was.  It made ripples on Lake Tahoe, but we're not going to talk about that, right?).

We did the kind of stuff you can't do with a preschooler (like read all of the Points of Interest plaques- no "mommy, can we go now?"),  and the kind of stuff you can't do with a teenager (like spend an hour in an art gallery - "Mom, can we please go now?").  I never had to scold Guy for running in a shop or touching anything he shouldn't (let me rephrase that, any merchandise he shouldn't).  At sunset we walked down to the lake and sat by the water, watching bats swooping through the twilight sky. Later we sat in the jacuzzi tub watching a movie and sipping sparkling cider while Jonah threw strawberries into the water.   It was quiet and peaceful, and we took turns nibbling on chocolates and Jonah's ear lobes.  We slept in the next morning, and then enjoyed our amazing view of redwood tree tops that towered above our seventh floor suite. 
Yeah, we were lookin' at trees. 
Of course we were.

We spent the next day fearlessly toodle-ing through shops with lots of breakable stuff in them.  Shop keepers and tourists alike were smitten by Jonah's cutie-pie-ness (and monster truck size).  Even without the other kids at our sides, they were ever present in our minds as we saw things we thought they would enjoy seeing.  We rounded out our day driving up the western side of the lake to stake out fun spots to bring the kids.  We will go cheap next time; no fireplace, no valet parking (that was a first for me, but I gotta say, how cool to have your car brought to you! At home I have to make threats just to have a clean diaper brought to me).  But we now know about Emerald Bay and the castle that waits there for us to come exploring, and we can't wait to take the kids swimming off the cute dock into the clear blue water at Sugar Pine Point.  Along the way we saw some places that were worth the drive just to read the names; The Rural Squirrel, and The Hut of Slut. 
I blame the altitude.

On the way home I picked up a few pine cones for making bird feeders with the kids.  Guy acted like I was making off with Smokey the Bear himself.  Later I pointed out how many new little trees I was noticing on the mountainside.  "And there would be more if people stopped taking pinecones."  He razed.  I pointed out that sometimes the park service plants trees as part of their reforestation campaign.  "They wouldn't have to if people didn't steal pinecones."  He teased.

And to think, I looked at tree tops with that man.

 Thank you, Japan, for thinking to build a camera into a phone...
I remembered our camera and batteries,
but forgot the memory card at home!

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Ruth said...

"And there would be more if people stopped taking pinecones."
Totally can hear Guy saying this!!!
Glad you two had such a good time looking at tree tops. *ahem*