Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Friday, August 5, 2011

And throw away the key

Old Pen

Idaho State Penitentiary

I had this cool plan.  It was a plan to sneak up to Boise, Idaho and surprise my darling Jackie.  I cleared said secret with her hubby (because how mean would it be to show up on her with 7 people if she was having a housework strike or something?).  No, John assured me she would LOVE the surprise.  But alas, Jackie's keen Spider-sense and apparently super-stealth quiet footsteps made it possible for her to accidentally read my message to her hubby about our arrival plans from over his shoulder.  DARN!  I had even been waiting to post about our wonderful travels thus far until we got there, just in case she was also clairvoyant. 

That's OK.  I'll bet she was surprised, anyway!

And we will be there tomorrow.  But so much has happened in the last week, I might have to tell you a few things first.

Like today.  We went to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary.  It was so strange to walk the grounds where murderers and horse thieves once shuffled in shackles.  We put each other into solitary confinement cells, and in just two minutes I felt a little frantic.  I stared up at the 4 inch beam of light that was the only link to their outside world and felt so sad. 

Later we swam at a big 'ol public pool and I even braved the "Hydrotube".  Twice.  The brave part was me with nothing to hide behind as I climbed the 4 story stair case in my swim suit.  Please, everyone below, count the cottage cheese marks on my thighs and play connect the spider veins.  There will be a quiz later.

I will thrill as I share all of the yummy fun we had in Olympia Washington with Guy's sweet family.  But without pictures it would only be half of a story, so that will have to wait a few days.  I met a kindred there, Jenni (hi Jenni!) who was clearly woven on the same loom as I was.    In the mean time we are at Guy's sister's house in Boise.  A lovely, gynormous house with eight TVs.  Yes.  Eight.  The boys have been motionless for two days.  Ah, peace and quiet, Thy names are Shark Week and X-Box.

Yesterday, Ellie and Tessa could be overheard talking about how much fun they are having.  Where ever they are is their new home.  "I don't remember what our house looks like."  Said one.  "Me neither." came the reply.  I know what they mean.  I sat tonight with my sister-in-law's mother-in-law (did you get that?) and watched the Canadian geese lift off slowly against the blue and rose colored evening sky.  Though age has swept her 90 year old mind, and with it, taken many of her precious memories, together we learned that she and I once lived in the same town, attended the same church building, and had even shared the same old family friend.  The warm evening air felt familiar, like home, and the creases in her face were loving and kind, like a face I have known my whole life.  As I said goodbye she asked for my address so she could write to me. 

I am told she won't remember me tomorrow.  But today was truly lovely.


Stephanie said...

Missing you guys!

CJ said...

Any chance you'll be driving through Utah on your way back to CA? If so, drop in and say HI! and stay awhile. I can give you a hug from Julean, and pass yours on to my Mom to take to her.