Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome, Summer!

On the last day of school it is our long standing tradition to consume ice cream in some form, be it a simple cone or a sundae at home.  This year we had more to celebrate than could be handled by a mere single scoop at Rite Aid.

First year of homeschool - check
First year of high school - check
Last year for Guy to deal with certain unnamed challenges at work - double check

Oh, and in case you want to have a gluten free/dairy free fest, you can't go wrong with a banana split, hold the ice cream, whipping cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, and sprinkles (gluten-filled, who knew?).  That means sorbet and fruit sauce.  She didn't even complain.  Man, I would have!

 Whoops.  They accidentally made the Jumbo Sundae instead of the Jr., and brought it anyway.  
Ellie was a little daunted.

 No worries, Jonah is happy to help.  

 No eye contact or smiles, but at least there's no hand in my lens.

It weighed more than he does, but he polished it off!

Things I am grateful for this school year:

Support from my little homeschool community... Kathy and Amanda have seen me through many homeschool tears.  No, not the kids' tears, mine!

Tyler.  He has been such a gentle presence in Ethan's life.  Thank Heaven for 
my children's friends.

My patient husband who single-handedly got one of our children through his particular grade ( you will have to guess which one, as I am holding true not to blog specifically about this individual, but I will give you a hint:  He is not homeschooled, and he doesn't wear a diaper).

My husband again, for supporting me in my continuing scholarly pursuits.

My husband again, just 'cuz he's cute.  
What can I say, I have a short attention span.  
Mention my sweetie and I get all googley-brained.

Watching my kids get excited about owl barf, Egyptian mummies, 100 year old books (Our latest fave: Freckles by Gene Porter Stratton), and anything that includes food coloring, baking soda and vinegar.

Knowing what my kids know, what they don't, and knowing how not to freak them out about any of it.

The state we live in that will give my kids funding for their interests, which have included:
Lego engineering
ancient history and art classes
a fabulous microscope
at least 8 reams of paper
really good art supplies
and countless other books, CDs, computer programs, games and online classes.
It would have been a much duller year without them.

That we live in a country that allows my children to become educated, boys and girls, and the promise of choosing their future occupation, government and religion.

Things I have not missed this year:

Buying the dang tissues, soap and pretty much everything else for my kids classes.

No wait, that wasn't the bad part, actually that was awesome because it guaranteed me multiple contacts with Ellen every week, which I really miss.  No, it is the DRIVING 
and the stupid PICK UP LOOP that I DO NOT miss!

Being told what I am not allowed to bring my kids at school.  No homemade goodies?  Honestly?

Having someone who barely knows my child tell me "about" my child.

Signing in.

Signing out.

Being told how I will spend my evening time with my children.

Making lunches.  Now I just say "go eat something". 

4 -10 PM homework misery.

Oh, one more thing for my gratitude list:


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Ruth said...

Ahh, sweet Leatherby's. I'd recognize your script white iron chairs and welcoming blue booths anywhere. You honor our accomplishments with your sweet, sweet Ice cream, and decadent, mouth watering freshly made Caramel and Whipped cream.
A celebration well deserved Laine...congratulations on a job well done to all of you!!!!

P.s. I saw at the grocery store today...gluten free chocolate sprinkles....just an fyi.