Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Thursday, July 26, 2012


No, I'm not on vacation.  
But I think I might be on hiatus.  
That's a funny word.  
It sounds like a sickness.  Or cheese.  

I think I might also get the Mother of the Century Award from 
League of Noisy Messy Girls.
Yes, I painted their room pink.
Celebration Pink.
"Screaming Pink" as the girls call it. 
Actually, Tessa squeals 
in ultra-sonic frequencies when she runs into the room;
Think tea kettle.  An incredibly messy-headed tea kettle.
 The boys came in to see and Ethan walked out holding his testicles to protect them from the rays.  The bonus is, though, that we don't need a new light at the end of the hall anymore because of the glow, and if NASA ever loses a shuttle, we will just leave the curtains open to guide it home.  If you go right now to Google Earth you can see a rosy glow in Northern California.  My girls will be brain damaged from it, but they will always remember their parents let them paint their room screamin' pink.

Oh, back to my award.  Yes, it is a three-fer.
One, for the PINK, of course.
Two, 'cuz I let the girls totally help me paint.
And three...yes - that grainy ipod picture does not lie-
I let Jonah paint.
(semi-dry roller.  I'm not an idiot)
Oh, and the photo didn't exactly lie about the pink either.  
As soon as we find the camera I'll prove it.

An interesting thing happened when we started painting.  Tessa wanted to help from the starting gate, whereas Ellie decided she would rather use her hour of media time.  Well, being as it takes slightly longer than an hour to paint a room (though slightly less than the three days it took while I was pregnant), Ellie showed up ready to help paint.  She plunged in and grabbed a roller, glopped it into the paint tray, and began drizzling her way to a nearby wall.

Whoa yeah, I stopped her.  

And it led to an interesting conversation.  I was able to explain to Ellie that while she was watching brain-melting mermaid shows, Tessa was learning, step by step,  how to carefully and cleanly paint a wall.  It was a huge learning moment for them both.  

It killed Ellie to have to start with taping and laying drop cloth, and oh! the agony of using a small brush to paint the corners, all the while Tessa was oh-so-proudly rolling out walls like a pro.  
But Ellie had to go through the paces, 
work her way through the ranks
pay the piper, baby.

One day, so many gifts.

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