Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The River Goes By

"Me" - Jonah says when he sees this picture.

"It's the perfect time of day
to throw all your cares away.
Put the sprinkler on the lawn,
and run through with my gym shorts on.
Take a drink right from the hose,
and change into some drier clothes.
Climb the stairs up to my room
and sleep away the afternoon."
-Bare Naked Ladies 

(for my slightly more "mature" readers 
(Hi Aunt June and Sandy!), 
that's a band from the 90's)
(song here)

The lyrics from this song 
 have been playing in my mind lately like a soundtrack to my days.  
They seem to epitomize summer.  

Long sticky days, breezy nights with their hot breath 
that starts to cool as the last glow fades from the sky.  

Rainbows of fruit that I can't keep stocked in the bowl on my table, 
and the sticky little fingers and chins of those who devour them.  

Wet swimsuits on the garage floor (though I scold, of course), 
and dirty, bare feet.  

Late mornings and late evenings, and long visits from friends.  

Sprinklers and hoses and grass clippings.  

Firelight and candle light and barbeque plumes.

Though most of the schools in California have made the freaky leap to school starting as soon as the beginning of August, Ethan's school starts (ahhhh!) the day after Labor day (Thank you, whoever you are, that knows that no child can learn anything before the tomatoes are even coming ripe on the vine!).  And because we homeschool,  
 I am starting the littler kids back to school the same day.  

But strangely, as the summer days blur into each other, and the windows darken sooner and sooner at the end of each day, the feeling of school is coming upon is.  The other morning, as I read the last few chapters of Jane Eyre (even though dishes and laundry sat competing with the gathering drifts of dust), I became aware of a quiet that had settled over the house.  Jonah played a softly as the girls sat together pouring over workbooks I had brought home.  Adam hung spellbound over his new-found novel.

It felt like we were in school.

And for the first time in my life,
- in my life as a student and as the mother of students-
I felt excited about school starting.

The summer has passed by us like a lazy river that has now picked up speed. 
Ours has been a summer of play and some work,
and of late nights outdoors by the fire.
I can't think of a Summer in years that I have enjoyed more.

And yet I don't think I'll mind so much 
to see it go.

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