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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Tears

Cool art by my cool kids.

My sale is over 
(a tiny chorus of angles in my head sing "ahhhhhhhh!")

It was great.  
Thank you all who came to support us.  
There were some splendiferous moments.  I loved it when we would have a rush of folks come.  Christmas music played softly and cheerful voices filled the room as happy friends found treasures to take home to loved ones.  I thrill in the idea of something I made being wrapped and placed under the tree for someone I may never get to know.  

I was tickled the day after the sale to see three of the jewelry sets and one silk scarf I had made on ladies at church.  One lady came this year who had come the first year and was delighted when she found the sibling to a pot that she had bought last year.
One woman found a masculine dish to give to her husband for him to put his ring in when he showers.  Grandmas counted out Sleeping Potion packets for each grandchild to mix up on Christmas Eve.  
A sweet lady saw a scarf and simply said, "that's mine" in a way that made me feel like I had reunited her with a long lost friend.  

Some of my other favorite moments:
When my kids each sold a painting.  
They were purchased to be hung in baby nurseries
 and newly renovated bathrooms.  I am so happy that these talented children
 are being encouraged in their creativity.

Each of the talented ladies that shared their wares in the sale.  They all worked so hard, and in quiet moments when no one was around, I would handle each of the items they had made and imagine the long hours that it took to carefully craft them.  
I am inspired.
Being with Robin.  
She spent hours helping set up and brought lunch for all of our kids and hung out with me for many hours each day of the sale.  I have such a sweet pocket of gratitude in my heart for this great lady and friend.  

A moment that came when a couple came to browse, a couple who commissioned me to do a painting some time ago.  I thought about showing them the progress on the painting, but then thought perhaps it might be a bad idea.  It is of their two sons taken from the last photo of the two of them together before their one son was killed in Iraq.  I showed the hubby first and he smiled wide.  "Come see this!" he called to his wife.  She came not knowing what she would be looking at.  As soon as her eyes registered her little boy, they filled with tears, and her voice cracked.  I suddenly regretted my choice to show them.  I had not thought that it would bring tears.  I looked to the husband's face to find her tears now reflected in his eyes.  
I apologized.

No, she said, she was so glad.  "Good tears", she called them, to a nod of agreement from her husband.  I told her that I felt I hadn't quite gotten that sparkle of mischief in his eyes.   Later I received a sweet email from that mom with photos of her son; close-ups of his eyes, and a message of gratitude about how much it meant to her to see that painting of her boy.  I know I will be able to get that sparkle now.

I have often wondered what God wants me to do with my art.  I am still not sure.  I follow whims.  I made random things.  I paint.  I hope someday that I can really divine what it is that I need to be doing, if indeed I am not doing it already, but in the mean-time, 
I am grateful for 
good tears.

Thank you Ruth, Steph, Kathy, Pat, Amanda, and Robin, artisans extraordinaire!

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Kristi Brausch said...

What a wonderful experience for you and your family!
I can't even imagine how excited your kids were when they sold some of their awesome!

I always tear up when I read your blog. : )