Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Can Keep Your Partridge

On the first day
of Christmas, December gave to me
a crazy-busy Studio sale.
On the second day of Christmas, December gave to me
a toddler with an infection and a crack in the radiador.
On the third day of Christmas, December gave to me
one screaming headache, a crabby healing toddler and a failed batch of gluten-free cookies.
On the fourth day of Christmas, December gave to me
three doctors appointments, a painfull van repair bill, Tessa's tummy trouble
and another day of he-e-ead-ache.
On the fifth day of Christmas, December gave to me
one oral surgery (Tessa), one belly ex-ray (Tessa), 13 bloodtests (6 of them, Tessa),
 falling down rain gutters and
one dead Ha-a-am-ster.
(yes, you guessed it, Tessa's)
Bring it on, December.
(just kidding.  don't.  I can't take it anymore.)
And for those of you who need clarity, nobody is dying (well except for Nibbles, may he rest in hamster peace), but Tessa's tummy has been a real mess and getting worse, so we are having more tests run.  She also had surgery on her mouth to release a band of skin that was making her top teeth have a large gap between them.  I thought it would be a little deal, but the longer they worked on her the freakier the giant hole in her mouth began to look (if you wanna know what I am talking about, go google image search "frenectomy".  I recomend doing it on an empty stomache).
 The other kids have just had various check-ups that I stupidly scheduled all on the same day trying to get them over with.  A toddler in a 10 foot square room for 3 appointments?  BAD idea.
The van is now working, but we are informed the transmission is on it's last limping leg.  The raingutters are hopeless.  Don't visit us until the weather clears unless you want a shower.
Jonah had a nasty infection that responded very well to natural remedies, thank heaven, since the doctor is closed on the weekend and the ER co-pay is killer.  At the pediatrician's we were told the infection is fine but she feels he may need surgery for another problem she noticed.  I have decided to wait to get worked-up about it until after we see a specialist.
Nibbles sadly suffered from a child who forgot to refill his waterbottle.  She is devastated.  She said,
"Today is a wrong day!"
and later she told me,
"It's like there are cubbies in my head and they have stuff in them that makes me remember all the days with him.  I can look in the cubbies and even see the day I got him.  I don't think I will ever be happy again."

Rough, rough few days.

Upon my finishing the above fuss-fest, a certain toddler held his finger up to me.
"Poop!" he exclaimed.
"Backpack..." he said
and spun around to show me the giant poo-streak smeared up his bare back.
It's his third poop-soup diaper this evening. 
I went out to get a clean dipe out of the drier, only to find them still in the washer.

Oh, and it looks like the ants have decided to come in out of the rain,
and settle all cozy-like in the garage recycling bin.
Can't wait for tomorrow.


Jan and Carol Van de Wetering Family said...

Laine, you are hilarious. Guess it needs to be that way to combat the exasperations!! Seriously, the scriptures do say "It came to PASS." It did not come to STAY. Press forward,.... at this point there's no other way to go as everything seems to be going the other way.

Huggggs to you and your family. Carol & Jan

Carolyn Fallon said...
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