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Friday, March 1, 2013



We have witnessed a miracle. 

We went in this morning for the procedure.  Sweet Dr. F. who many of you have been praying for, was warm and kind.  He prepped me, opened my leg, inserted the catheter and injected the dye into the vein that would illuminate the clot so that he could work on it, then took an ex ray to see where to begin.  
In a few minutes he said, “Well, Laine, um, the clot has disappeared.”  He took several images all the way up my leg to where the lead blanket was protecting the baby, and every particle of the clot is completely gone.  There is no evidence in the vein of it ever having been there.  To put this into perspective, we were told it would be three to six WEEKS before there would be any detectable difference in the clot to know if my body would eventually dissolve part or all of the clot.  The whole process at best was expected to take many months, if it happened at all.  The vein, he said, looks like the vein of a healthy person, and he anticipates no valvular damage and possibly a full recovery.
 To protect the baby from the radiation, we did not get an image of the pelvis area, so we won’t know if there is any clot above the groin until next week with a follow up ultrasound, but scans show that the blood flow is reduced, so it could just be the weight of my uterus/baby pressing on the main vein (which is what caused the clot), or I could still have clot up there.  That is totally fine, because except for limiting my mobility for now, it won’t cause damage.
He said that he can only hypothesize two scenarios; that the clot was so fresh that it responded to the blood thinners (but he doubts that because I had extreme fatigue in the leg for two days before the diagnosis, indicating that the clot started days before), or that it “slid up” and merged with the section of the clot in my pelvis.  “There is one other scenario, Doctor,”  I said.  .  “Yes, I was thinking of that…” he said shyly, knowing exactly what I meant. I have been very open with him about all of you and your prayers, about our faith that this was going to be ok, and that we believed God was watching over this whole thing.
I was monitored for half an hour since there was nothing done, and am now home resting.  We will have regular ultrasounds of the leg because recurrence is a possibility, and I will remain on blood thinners till the birth, but otherwise, WE ARE GREAT!!!
I want to testify to you that this was God’s doing.  And I believe it was meant as a testimony of his strength, love and power, not for me (ok, a little!) but for every soul who prayed, fasted and asked for prayers on our behalf.  Each of you have been witness to and participated in a miracle.  Heaven has been lit up by your prayers.  Our gratitude cannot be measured, and we feel so blessed to have been the channel that has brought this testimony of God’s love to each person that has been with us through this process.  
I testify that God knows and loves you, and that he hears your prayers.   
Our hearts are full today.

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Bald n Beautiful said...

So wonderful! I was praying and thinking about you yesterday.