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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Plan!

Behold, the human pincushion.
Big change of plans: After 4 days of random saturation drops and other symptoms of respiratory distress my perinatologist and radiologist agree that I am having Micro Pulmonary Embolisms and that it doesn't make sense to wait around here to have a big one. They will be placing a filter in my chest, likely tomorrow (they may do it today but there is some prep to do with prednisone to keep me from having a reaction to the dye which they need to use but I am allergic to).

Three GREAT things about the filter besides the obvious: The doctor will allow me to stay pregnant up to 37-38 weeks with it in (my favorite bonus!) and baby will be kept safe from needing to be delivered next week.  YAY YAY YAY!!!!  The filter will keep me safer during the birth and eliminate the need for a cesarean (pushing out baby with the clot could break it off causing a PE; the filter will be there to catch it) and the filter will protect me from throwing a clot while in surgery Friday to work on removing the clot from my leg (we are back to were we were a month ago with concern of permanent disability and time is running out to do the procedure). My very cool doc at the other hospital has been very involved and will take care of me for Friday's procedure.

There will be risks, but the risk of prematurity and the risks of a major PE is now justifying the other risks.

My doctor says I am keeping him up nights because I am "so rare" (this from a high risk OB who deals in rare). He called me his "1%" and I had to laugh. Guy keeps teasing that I am just showing off. :) Thanks for your prayers. I feel very cheerful and positive.


Jenifer Rucker said...

Prayers are with you and your doctor. Mikal prays for you as well :) you are his new favorite person :)

Barbara said...

I'm with you, Dear One. We're rooting for you in NY. Much Love. XOXOX