Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Saturday, August 17, 2013

One, two, THREE!!!

Jonah is "fee" now. 
That is three to all you mono-linguals out there
 (I speak toddler, but not fluently.  Ellie is my interpreter).
And frankly, between you and me, he is kickin' my boo-tay, of late. 
He has picked up a nasty little habit. Several, actually.
An earwax-clearing shriek emanates from his little cake-hole about bazillion times a day, and he has learned to take total advantage of my gimpy-ness (or times when I am nursing the baby) by running away and giggling his little smarty-pants off, knowing I can't chase him.
But I am such a seasoned vet in this parenting war, that I know that eventually he will stop his antics.  Like sometime before he turns 20, maybe.  And so far he has not: killed a small animal, gone streaking down the street (that I know of -just in the front yard), or stuck anything down the toilet (unfortunately, that would include things that should go in there.  Nope, not potty-trained yet), or up his nose
 (knock wood!).
Here is what he has mastered:
Sleeping through night (just in time for his newborn sis to take over the up-all-night-shift)
Getting his own cereal (and massaging it into the carpet. 
Thankfully, he can't poor is own milk yet)
Taking his clothes off (putting them back on? Neither willing, nor able)
Jumping on the trampoline (also, scaring his mother)
Opening the front door (silently)
Announcing every time he farts (thank you, Ethan).
I have had the opportunity lately to think about Jonah's arrival to our family.  What a sweet and precious time that was in our lives.  He was so wanted and so long awaited.  He might be feeling a little shoved out of the nest by the new baby now, and in between his scream-a-thons, my heart goes out to him.  There is a place in that heart that will always hold him as my baby boy.
Sweet Jonah-boy, before the 'tude set in.
Best Christmas present ever!

What a chub!

He was an armful.

Someday he will probably be bigger than the both of them!
This year's cake was not nearly as cute and colorful as last. 
Grey icing is not very appetizing, but the loved it.
Spider webs thanks to Chinese noodles.

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