Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Little Blessing's blessing - Album 2

There are a few things I have learned since being born.  First of all, it turns out that all that swimming practice that I had in mom's belly hasn't turned out to be all that helpful.  Also, I have discovered that it is my job in life to be cute (and also that my mom has a weird fixation with holding her phone up in my face). 

It also turns out that the planets actually do revolve around ME. 
 Who knew?

And the big people around here (and let me tell you, there are a lot of them) all have something wrong with their voices.  They will be talking along just fine and then as soon as I look at them, they all sound like their sucking helium.  Weird.

Well, as I hear-tell, there has been quite a hullabaloo around my gettin' here safe and all.  Honestly, I don't know what the fuss was all about.  I never planned it any other way.  I knew it was going to be just fine.  Mom took some convincing, but as soon as I got here I set her straight and she has been a lot more chill lately. 
Because, as they tell me, it was such a big deal getting me here, there were people coming and going from our house constantly.  There was cleaning, and cooking and all sorts of rides and things going on to keep my family going.  Yup, other people took care of my family for about 4 months before I got here.  My mama wished every day that she could really thank all those folks for what they had done.  You should have heard her prayers for them.  She wished for their happiness and safety, and that they would feel how thankful she was.
Well, once I was out all safe and sound, and she was able to get round better, she and Dad decided to throw a big party to say "Thanks, everybody!"  Our house was bursting at the seams, and that wasn't even half of the folks who had helped at one point or another.
The first to arrive was my Grandma and Grandpa Holman. 
I made sure to bellow at Grandma plenty.
I loved on Grandpa, too.

 Then Mama's friends started to arrive, like Ruth.  She and Mama have been through a lot together.  Ruth has a baby boy coming soon.  Can't wait to see him again... we used to hang out together back in heaven, ya know.
Ruth's little girl Autumn had lots of fun decorating her head with sand. 
We are SO going to get along!
Ruth let me chill with her for a while. 
Being cute is so exhausting.
My cousins and all of our friends kept my sisters busy.

When I woke up I got to meet more cousins...
they just moved back from North Carolina. 
Aunt Julean makes mama's eyes fill with tears a lot.  It is a very cool trick.
Once the party got going everyone had a really nice time.  That's the thing - you see, when you get a bunch of kind and helpful people together, they already have a lot in common, so its easy for them to like each other! (too bad my mama took a bunch more pictures of all of the nice people that were blurry.  I won't put those in.  You will just have to imagine about 20 more very nice people like these!)
At one point everyone went outside because the sky was an amazing color.  You know, when God promises not to flood the earth, he sends rainbows, but when he is missing me, he sends pink clouds.

It was so amazing it made everyone turn pink.

One very special person who came was Claudette. She is my mama's midwife.  She helped 3 of my siblings be born, and even though she didn't catch me, she was waiting with my daddy and talking to God the way only she can.  You know, God pays special attention to the prayers of midwives.  After all, He knows better than anyone what important work they are doing.
Well, that day was wonderful, and what made it even more wonderful was that the next day was my blessing day.  I wore a special little white dress, and every body came to the church to listen. 
Even Ethan came,
and he held me all through church.

My Uncle Kenny, Aunt Tracey and my cousins
Sam and Emma came.  Mama was so very glad.

My daddy gave me a sweet blessing.  He cried as he told me how much Heavenly Father loves me (of course I know that, but when I grow up I might forget sometimes).  And he told me that my health was a very special gift
 from my Heavenly Father. 
He told me how loved I am and how important it is for me to live a good, happy life. 
The most special men in my life were there in the blessing circle to lend their faith; Grandpa Holman, Uncles Kenny, Zack and Chris, Cousin Josh, and our good friends Bishop, Dennis, Dave, Brady and William.  And my big brother Adam held the microphone, which isn't part of the circle, but it is still important!  I tried not to cry, but I did a little bit.  That's ok.  Daddy cried more.
Mama and Daddy sure love me.
My mama and I have a special bond. 
We have been through a lot together, you know. 
Yes, I think you do.

Well, of course everyone came back to the house to eat.
All of my cousins homeschool too, and mama thought it was funny
 that they all got out school stuff to do while the waited for the food!
Aunty Kori listened to Jonah tell his stories like she could actually understand what the heck he was saying.  I am a baby, but I can't understand the kid.  I prefer more mature conversation, like with cousin Josh.
Mama tries to take picture of Ethan, but she's not very good at it.
That's Tessa with Kaylee and Lauren. 
They don't mind so much getting pictures taken.

A miracle happened on that day, too.  Ethan let everybody into his bedroom to see his lizards.  NOBODY is allowed in Ethan's room but Adam, and me, of course!

Jonah loved it.
As people began to say goodbye, I got lots of snuggles.  Mama has never seen such big smiles on Grandma and Grandpa. 
 I guess I just bring out the happy in people.

Mama hated saying goodbye to Aunt Julean. 
They met on their missions about 400 years ago, you know,
and mama says they are soul sisters.


And do they ever make each other laugh!  I think this was an inside joke about the Unarmed Combat book we have (not the One Armed Combat book.  Though that would be a pretty entertaining book as well.)

I hung out with my Grandpa James for a while.  He has a sweet spot for me.  He offers my mama a quarter to keep me.  Even though I am his 31st grandchild if you include the great grandchildren, he makes me feel special all the same.
He's funny that way.

And I am special, because I am loved by some amazing people, so I must be.  I am also special because I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loved me enough to send me down to a family that cherishes me and friends who love and take care of me.  But mostly its because He loves me because I am me, and I am his child.
And so are you.


Ruth said...

Natalie, you are such a loved girl! I'll be sure to bring Autumn over more often so she can teach you all her mischivious tricks!?

Anonymous said...

I hope you print this out as a book for her to read (and be read to from).
Jeannie Turner