Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Saturday, September 21, 2013


We hear a lot about "Pyer-man"
 and other "dupoh-heeyos" these days.  
They save people from "bad dyes".  *

Last week Jonah demanded (and then asked politely after some parental nudges) that his cape be put on.  With a look of fierce determination, he then marched out the front door.  Guy called to him, telling him he needed to come inside, but he was a capped crusader with a mission.

"I make it bwoh **, like dis!" he insisted, waving one hand out behind him, simulating a cape in full flight.  Well, who can resist a superhero in training with such a task?
I remember my sister telling me of her son and his passion to have a cape.  He hopped from one foot to the other until it was ready, hot off the sewing machine.  He snatched it up and disappeared with a look of pure anticipatory joy, only to return in a few minutes with a fierce scowl.  He ripped the cape from his neck and threw it at my sister's feet, grumbling, "This dumb thing doesn't work!"

At least, that's the way I remember it.  And in that moment, as I joined Guy on the porch, I remembered it and worried.  Was Jonah-boy about to have his first of many disenchanting realizations? 
 I held my breath a little as he lined himself up for take off.

Leading with a clenched fist, he flew, back and forth along the edge of the lawn, looking over his shoulder every few moments to watch his cape "bwoh".

At one point he lost his footing, and (because I am a terrible mother who sets a poor example as I cruise through my life in blissfully bare feet),
 he scraped the top of his little toe off.

"I byeeeeeeeeding!" ***
He fretted with a furrowed brow.
I offered him a bandaid.
He considered, then the real superhero in him came out.

"I pine, mommy, I pine." **** he assured in a very grown-up voice.  No worries, he reassured, with a hand held out like a crossing guard stopping traffic.  And I was the traffic being stopped.
No mommies needed here. 
 Superheros might bleed, but that won't keep them from flying.


Update on the clot front: Looks like our sneaky little friend may be back.  Ultrasounds last night looked suspicious.  I will be going to hang out Tuesday with cool Dr. F. and my pals at South Sac radiology for an angiogram, and if needed, clot removal and more stent placement (because if 3 stents are good, five are better!).  Prayers are always appreciated.

Translations not found in Google Translator:
* Spiderman, super heros, bad guys
 ** blow
**** fine

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Anonymous said...

I, Mother of five, did not NEED a translator!
Jeannie T