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Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Invitation

Hey!  I finally did something I've been talking about for ages!  (no, not clean my closet, sadly.  Looks like that old prom dress will be staying for another couple years)

I started my ART BLOG!  

and, not to be out-done by myself,

I opened my ETSY SHOP as well!!!

(it's like twins!  Born the same day!)

I am excited to begin posting items that I make often, as well as show projects and other artsy endeavors I am embarking upon.

(FYI: it is politically correct to call an artist "artsy" if you are a friend.  It is also acceptable if that person refers to themselves as "artsy"  It is, however, total TABOO to pair the word "artsy" with any reference to flatulence.  We hate that.)

It has taken me a long time to take this jump.  
I am great at making cute babies, but to be honest, they sort of make themselves once the DNA gets mixed.  But there is a certain fear in making art and then putting it out there for the world to scrutinize and judge.  It is why I particularly dislike commissions.  I have had the regretful experience of making a commissioned piece that was not well received.  Maybe it was a breakdown in communication, or a lack of vision on my part, I'm not sure.  
I hate that feeling.

But nothing ventured nothing gained!  
So here we go!

Please stop by often to read up on the latest art HERE.
Then pop over HERE to see what's looking for a new home.

Thanks for your support!!!

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