Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Never Marry a Prince

I had a rough mommy day yesterday. Nothing big, just that whole cycle of clean-find-a-new-mess-clean, over and over. I got so wacka-doo that I pulled drawers out, reorganized cupboards and plowed through the 3 day laundry back up. I began a thorough scrub down of the kitchen, but I ain't no Cinderella - she had a fairy godmother to do the work for her. I was on my own.
And ol' Cindy finished before the ball. I didn't even get done before it was time to take the boys to scouts.
I ranted at whatever child would listen that
"I am not the maid!"
As we drove, Ellie and Tessa were playing an imaginary game in the back of the van. Ellie was Tinkerbell and Tess was Prince Eric, and they were getting married.
This is what I heard on the way home:
Ellie: "Well, we're not all the way married yet because we didn't get to dance."
Tessa: "Yah."
Ellie: "So when we get home we can finish dancing and then we will be all-the-way married."
Tessa: "Kay. When we is all da' way mawwied, den you could come help me clean my house."
Ellie: "Is it a mess?"
Tessa: "Big mess!"
In my mind there are two possible explanations for this conversation if I go by the assumption that the are learning these attitudes at home, neither of which is very savory.
1. my house is always so messy that it worked it's way into their game,
2. they have the impression that married life means you become the maid.
After a day like yesterday, I'm thinkin' it's a little of both. Good thing my Prince doesn't expect a spotless house at the end of the day. He did not, after all, marry Cinderella.
Besides, that chicky cheats.


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We all definitely have those days, I know I certainly do! I am a new follower from Friday Follow, so glad to have found your great blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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I know that cycle of clean-find even bigger mess too! I love your photo- what a pretty girl!
I am following your blog now.
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cfoxes33 said...

Such a cute blog. Some day their princes will come and hopefully with a real maid.