Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday (Dinner)!


As most folks know, my Sweetie gives the gift of amazing food to those he loves. I think he might love me most of all, based on his latest culinary concoction. I'm glad our friend Annmarie was in town to sample it all. It's always good to share.

There had not been time on my actual birthday to prepare a birthday feast, so Guy saved it for this past weekend when he could really take the time to do it up right. And boy, did he ever!

Cashew encrusted pork with roasted honey-glazed pears (spiced with cinnamon and cayenne, among other secret ingredients), and served with homemade pear chutney that was to die for. But wait, there’s more! Brown-sugared sweet potatoes and yams, and our favorite veggie, broccoli.

All made with special care to stick within the confines of my dairy and soy-free diet. The magical combinations of sweet and savory, accented by the spices he chose allowed the tenth bite to be as amazing as the first.


Happy birthday to me, baby. Thank you, Guy Alan.

Oh, and for dessert….

We actually had angel food cake topped with strawberries, but it feels like a post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of my lil’ darling, Jonah. Yes, ladies and gents, he has begun smiling on command! Big, peeling grins that go on and on. He even chuckled in his sleep the other day, so I don’t imagine that giggles are too far off. It sure makes up for him spewing down my neck twice today. Lucky for me, my bra was there to catch it all!


Photos by Annmarie Hall


Jessi S. said...

You have an adorable son, hilarious daughter, and giving husband. You are truly blessed. :)

I'm a new follower from the Making Friends Monday blog hop.

julean said...

Dear Guy,

You are a gem...for my next birthday, I have two wishes.

Number one, I wish you would come to my house and cook a mouth-watering masterpiece for me!!!

And number two, bring that delicious baby so I can nuzzle his cheeks and neck while you cook and in between bites of said culinary masterpiece, of course.

That's all I want. Those are my birthday wishes.

Thanking you in advance,


Rebekah said...

Again with the food!! I don't know how I feel about these blogs. LOL..
Love Love Love the pictures of your so very sweet little boy. I think of you often and hope all is well. I will come buy to catch up soon. I hope. Love ya!!

Sarah said...

He looks so much like Adam! And I love his outfit. So happy for you!