Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Nite

Yesterday was a conference at church.  There were a lot of really wonderful speakers, and I got to listen to the entire thing because I was in the choir and NOT sitting with my five wiggly children.  I was not cocking one eyebrow or doing The Angry Whisper.  No one nearby required a nose wipe, a referee, or a cheerio.  And not once did I use the sign-language "No!" signal.  If you don't know what it looks like, just pucker your face, stick out your jaw and pretend you are snatching a fly out of the air.  It's pure magic, baby.  

I even took conference notes.  And if those notes were in front of me right now I might be able to remember what they talked about yesterday in greater detail.  At the moment, all I remember is one moment of counsel, and sadly I don't even know who said it.  But I remember what he said:
"I hope that tomorrow for Family Night you will work on your 72 hour kits".
I swear there were some other really touching, moving, motivating, inspiring, and amazing things said.  I even cried once.  Yet, even without "the five distractions", 72 hour kits are all I remember.

So, tonight we tried.  The functional word being tried
We broke out the old kit.

We discovered that:
Adam no longer wears 2T Dalmatian undies
Military MRE's from 1997 taste nasty (Hey, now, they expired in 02.  That's THIS century!)
Vaseline, diaper cream, lotion and pretty much anything in a container will leak
We now know where the mess kit is, one week late
Small pull-top cans of fruit can explode in the heat
If you leave the burst cans long enough, the contents biodegrade into black liquid
Tampons look like a stick of dynamite to a 14 year old

By the end of the night, we had accomplished very little,
but it was all good for a few laughs. 

My favorite quote of the night came from Tessa:

Ellie:  "Tessa, don't color in that coloring book. 
That's for an emergency some day for if we get bored."

Tessa:  "Well, good, cause I'm bored right now."

May we never need to use our 72 hour kit. 
Or at least not until we have replaced the canned fruit.

Spider Boy


CJ said...

Just be happy that you looked in it last night instead of in an emergency. That would have been a real bummer! Thanks for the laugh, and the inspiration to dig our 72 hour kits out of the storage room to have a look.

Leach Family said...

We looked through ours as well! It was President Fisher that suggested re-evaluating our 72 hr kits! Thankfully my family did have quite the shocking discoveries as you all did! Glad you got to hear the talks as I wish I was in the choir Sunday while I fought off cranky children that kept begging for SNACKS or to go potty. Oh the joys of being the MOTHER!

Stephanie said...

We evaluated our 72 hour kit the Monday before conference. Needless to say, I have food shopping to do plus many more things to prepare. I too thoroughly enjoyed conference. I took good notes too! :0) Tessa is turning into your resident comedienne!