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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That Other Story (or) The Calm Before the Flood

Once a month or so a few of us get together to make "stuff".  We take turns hosting, sharing something we know how to do with the others, and then we eat, of course.    Last week it was my turn.  You know, just before the flood.

I taught everyone silk painting, which is kind of like teaching finger painting to kids, in other words, there is not much to teach.  Silk painting is so simple and doing it is so relaxing because the dyes wick into the fabric and almost paint themselves.  The silks are super cheap, less that two bucks each, and the kit of dyes is reasonable - for $60 you get 30 colors and all the tools you will need to make dozens of projects. ( ).
  Devide the cost and you can have a blast for not much mula.
I was drunk on creative juice at the time and somehow let these lovely ladies slip out of the door, gorgeous silks in hand, without snapping photographic proof of their amazing creations, so you will just have to believe me when I say - they were jaw-droppers.

I will be doing 2 more classes at least, as there were so many women who wanted to do this, but only so many square feet in my studio.  I will be sure to document those.  In the mean time, you can pretend you were with us...

 Steph and Kathy pinning a scarf to a box frame

 Amanda makes magic with just a dropper and a few colors

 Joanna's scarf in progress

My final products.

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Jackie said...

Oh my!!!! They are so beautiful! I wish I was there basking in your cool artsy influence! I love imagining you doing this! How fun!