Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Last night...

...I had a dream.
I was in a car with one of my children.  We were driving along a highway that had water on both sides of the road.  It was dark and raining, and the water was rising.  It spilled over the sides of the road, and the white line in the road faded away under the rising flood.  The car began to slide off of the road and plunge into the water.  Our car was swallowed by the black, murky water.  I wanted to protect my child.  I leaned over him to try to shield him, when the front window imploded.  Shards of glass and cold, dark, muddy water poured in onto us.

I screamed and woke up.

Dreams are so symbolic.
I hope it was only a dream.

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Jackie said...

I love analyzing dreams. I want to come sit on your couch and analyze this one with you right now. Or maybe in the morning. I love you. Miss you. Savor your posts like chocolate mousse pie.