Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rock'n Rock (A Baby Photo Album)

Guy had perfect timing.  He hunted down a rocker-recliner on craigslist and picked it up yesterday, and none too soon. 

We had spent the evening movie-watching out in the yard with the kids, popcorn and all (dairy free for Tess and I).  Guy had set up a projector and a sheet, and we enjoyed the evening as it slowly cooled off.  Natalie slept contentedly in my arms through the whole movie.

When we later settled into bed and turned out the lights, Natalie began fussing.  Then she decided to see how far she could project her vomit in our bed.  It was awesome, epic even, and I was drenched.  Who could have imagined the capacity of that tiny tummy? 

I took her out to the new-to-us rocker, and we communed with the night.  Thank heavens for craigslist, old rockers and kind hubbies.  I sang a soft-rock selection from the late 70's, and sometime around 2am she collapsed into my neck and gave in to sleep. 

We did an encore performance at 7am, minus the vomit. 

Except that I was so very sleepy today at church, I honestly didn't mind our chair-dance in the wee hours.  I kind of can't get enough of her, and so hanging out with her in the middle of the night is nice, tears and all. 

Here are some of my favorite pix since Little Girl came to live with us...

Day 1

I love the story in this picture. 
A sweet nurse brought food for Guy. 
It was hard to get him to take care of himself while he took care of me.

Poor little heal, and that was just one.

Biggest brother, littlest sis.

Joyful faces, reflections of love.

Tired papa.


Her head is so tiny.
Ice packs...
 I didn't know air bubbles could enter a person's system during an operation and then float up between the organs into the shoulders.  Ice packs were the only relief for the stabbing pains.

The first of what will be many times
 that Ethan sneaks off with her to nap.

Home from camp, Adam finally meets Natalie.

Date night in our room.  Bishop and Kathy
 brought dinner to share, and we ate around the bed

My darling girl.

My technicolor IV site... third blown vein.

A little Joey in my pouch.

So precious

"This little piggy stayed home..."

We started calling Natalie "glow worm" after the tests with Radio Active Isotopes.
Ruth made her a glow worm bunting.  It will be perfect at Halloween.

Cute papa.

Welcome Baby...
our family tradition of welcoming our babies in a flower bath. 
Every family member welcomes the baby with special words.
#29 for Grandpa James (#32 if you count great grand babies!)

Going in for the filter retrieval and 25 cms of stent placement.
Our dear Dr. F. who has done so much to keep baby and I safe. 
He will always have a very tender place in my heart.

Because of Dr. F., Natalie got to go to term 
and not be delivered at 32 weeks

After the procedure, patch on my neck, baby drinking pumped milk
 through an SNS device due to the drugs in my system.

Tiny angel.
Doin' what she does best (except at 2 am).


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