Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

16 Loooong Years

On December 29th, 1994 I married my sweetheart.  That was 16 years ago, or as we tease, "Sixteen  loooong years!"

Last year on our anniversary, my husband held me in his arms as I sobbed.  We had just been told that my nine week fetus had not survived.  The pregnancy was our last attempt, after the three miscarriages before it.  That night we sat in a restaurant trying to somehow settle in to the new reality that was ours.  We were done.  We would not try again. 
It was a quiet dinner.

The next day -a year ago today- another visit to the doctor and another ultrasound later, and suddenly our futures had been turned back around.  We were clutching our hearts in disbelief.  Our baby had made it, and would be ours.


Last night we sat in another quiet restaurant.  Quiet, except for Jonah's occasional fuss.  I asked Guy, "What would you have thought if someone told you on our wedding day that on our sixteenth anniversary we would have a 4 month old?"  He laughed.  Neither of us would have believed it.
I sat nursing Jonah, smiling ear to ear and struggling with my meal one handed.  Guy had to cut my meat for me.  It was all very romantic.
Actually, it really was.

This afternoon as I was gutting the girls room, I was hauling a load of who-knows-what to the garage when I caught a glimpse of heaven.  Guy sat in the den munching on Jonah's neck, the music of Harry Connick Jr. bright and cheerful in the air, dappled with chortles from little Jonah.  Smiling at the sight, I headed back to my chore, but in moments I was swallowed up in feelings that welled up and spilled out of my eyes.  I quickly made my way back to my two loves, and knelt down beside them to join the smootchfest.  Some moments are just an intense view into eternity.  

Our tears and smiles overlapped each other.
I can't believe the year we have had.  I can't believe the miracle that has come to stay in our lives.  I get to be Jonah's mom.  I get to be married to my dear, amazing friend.  It has been a blessed year.

A looong, blessed year.


Leach Family said...

I will say it again & again...Lanie you sure have a way with words that captivates your audience. I love you & you are truly an inspiration to me & so many you haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, you have no idea how many! I love you girly & happy Anniversary! ~Robin

Alida said...

Happy Anniversary and joy & blessings to you and your family in 2011!!!