Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Monday, August 23, 2010


Did you know that you can find Knock-knock jokes in the Old Testament? According to Tessa you can, but only in the Spanish version.

And who knew, but the scriptures are also jam-packed with music.

My favorite part is when she sings:

"Don't worry 'bout you,

You worry 'bout me,

I will help you, my friend."



We took our first "out in public" venture today. A brief jaunt to the library was followed by a pass by the kids school to pick them up from their first day. On the way home we stopped for some ice cream cones. When we were standing at the counter, a woman came in with her 2 kids. She took one look at Jonah in his sling and melted, then pointed to a big teen age boy and said, "I just picked my baby boy up from his first day of high school!" She went on to tell me how fast the time has gone, how she was just holding him when he was a tiny baby. I began to well up with tears and begged her to stop, I am swimming in a body full of hormone soup and can't take it.

She kept going (of course she did).

Tonight the baby cried and would not be consoled. I wept right along with him. He finally fell asleep in the swing.

Damn swing. It did what I couldn't do.

Is it crazy that I am jealous of a swing?


julean said...

Ok, Tessa's sweet little voice and her song are precious. I'm so glad you got a video of that!

About the swing... I got jealous all the time when someone/ something else could do for my little babies what I couldn't. (sometimes I still kinda do...) I remember wondering 'what's wrong with me?!?' Maybe they were just a little tired of me holding them in the crook of my left arm, again. Or, maybe they hated my shirt. Maybe they thought I needed a shower. (A swing comes in very handy when that's a problem!)

Sorry about that woman, there's always too many of those around telling stories that make us cry in public. Especially when we're swimming in hormone soup!

Feel better. Love you, sis.

Rebekah said...

Back to school is a big day of sadness. I thought I would not be effected,since it is only Kindergarden and 1st grade, but I was sad. As I sit at home waiting to pick up my boys I think wow time flies, but new adventures are to be found. Love the songs and knock knock jokes that puts a smile on my face just reading it.