Me: "Who has the best seat in the house, me or daddy?"

Adam: "Well, Daddy's is nice, but yours is best. Your's is squishier."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

While we were sleeping

Daddy in his favorite place in the world;
snoozing with a wee babe in his arms.
I have been resting a lot. The camera has been laying around a lot. While I have been (let's call it "busy") recuperating, some little ones have gotten their hands on the camera. Here is what they left for me...

By Adam

By Adam


By Tessa or Ellie, not quite sure

This looks like Ethan's handy work

By Adam

By Ethan

By Ellie (Ok, so I knew about this one, but who could resist? The girls wanted to play Fancy Nancy. Hence, Brother Jonah dons his first -of many, I am sure- tutu).

By Ethan

By Adam (the blue bow announcing to the neighborhood that Jonah was here, because not EVERYONE on the block heard me in labor).*
*My labor really kicked in around 4AM, and thanks to our 1958-no-insulation,-single-pane-window house, I woke the latino neighbors who refuse to run their air conditioner and rely on the open-window-cooling method. Somewhere around 5 AM I also woke grandma, excuse me; Abuela. She joined the rest of their family on the bed and listened to me mooing. They took to praying for me because I was being so, um, vocal. They prayed that God would stop "making me suffer so!" (insert dramatic latin hand gestures to the heavens here). My neighbor even told me what time I moved from the bedroom to the living room; "The sounds got far away, then" and that the baby was born around 10AM; "I waited on my bed and listened all morning. Finally you stopped crying out and we heard the baby cry. We were just so glad that you were no longer suffering!"
I assured her that after listening to a woman in labor, her two teenage daughters would never get pregnant out of wedlock. And perhaps not even after that!


julean said...

Those photos are quite good. The ones Adam took are really good.

I'm glad you are resting.

That's pretty funny about your neighbors.

Talk to you soon.

Rebekah said...

I love some of those pictures, they are good. I would fram them black and white and put them in the boys room. Oh and Jonah and the dress up, that makes me laugh. Just one of many days to come. I think that every young women should be at a birth just to see tha there is pain that comes with the sweet thing. Oh that is even an idea for my boys when they get older. I do hope that all is well and you are being able to enjoy your new one. Love ya!

furygirl3132 said...

Great photos and congrats on the new addition to your family!
I am a new follower from New Friend Friday,so glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful weekend!


Jackie said...

Your kids take amazing photo's! I love it!